Thursday, February 17, 2005


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Monday, February 07, 2005

Words of Wisdom:Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein once said to Abraham, an acomplice of Alberts, "Do you believe, that the moon exists only if you look at it? What does 'to exist' mean anyway? I mean what does it mean to exist when your talking to inanimate objects?" Albert loved hard questions. The answer still remains unknown. He may be saying answers are everywhere, we just haven't found them yet. A twelve-year-old wrote Albert about their difficulties in math. Albert responded "Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater." This has no moral values, but it's hilarious.

Words of Wisdom:Me

Im not social. Short, sweet, and to the point. My words on other pages dont tell you that. I am. So deal with it and you just found out why im comparing myself to Mr. E=Mc squared. My feelings havent changed because im not an emotional man. So once with it. I have some advice to give you people that managed to find this site. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you cant pick your friends nose. Also when hitting a ball dont force yourself. Relax, and timing is everything. I started working on hitting the ball and not swinging hard. I got it to mid-outer field. I HIT the ball! I finally did it. To bad I forgot to run. Oh well. Also, Help the old people and good things are in store for you. And remember "What goes around, comes around."

Life's Successes:Albert Einstein

A success Albert had was when he had his second kid, Hans Albert. Einstein was really happy. He would parade through the streets pushing a carriage. Every now and then stopping to stop something down on a pad he produced from the carriage. This made him a better person because it made him realize sometimes it's good to just have fun. It was a success because he was happy. In 1921 Einsteins' work won him a Nobel Prize in Physics. This most likely inspired him to do better work. One famous success was E=Mc2. That's short for "energy=mass*velocity times light squared." If you don't know what that is it's the formula for the atomic bomb. Wow, im so not excited. More atomic bomb info below.

Life's Successes:Me

My first success I remember was in baseball. During practice one day I smacked the ball head on and got a home run. I was very, very happy. To bad it wasn't a real game. Helping my grandpa is another. He is very old. I think helping him makes him happy. My grandpa is a funny guy. We will watch football games together and build shelves or bird houses or Barbie's Malibu Beach House. The last one was my request. NOT!!!!! We didn't really build one. I cant recall any more successes. Besides video games. Im the bomb at most fighting ones. Like "Halo."S

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lifes Failures:Albert Einstein

At the time of Albert Einsteins birth his father, Herman, started a business to keep their ends met up. It lasted less than a year. Bad luck huh? Also Albert was a slow starter. At six he couldnt speak. Even at nine he slurred his words. His parents thought he would grow up to be a weird person. Almost subnormal. One marriage failure was... well, that. He and his first wife got divorced. I believe it was because of the war and all things that happen in marriage. Yelling and screaming. A failure Albert had was the gravitational deflection of light by the sun. He was supposed to lead an expedition during a solar eclipse in Russia. Unfortunately for Albert it was during the war. But his theory was incomplete and incorrect. To bad.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Life's Failures:Me

One failure I had was in baseball. All throughout the season I never hit the ball. I played right field so I was always bored. But the team won all the games. We were the only ones undefeated 8-17 year old divisions. Another failure is spellinig bees. Ini second grade I spelt bell "B-E-L." I had a ton of stage fright so I got retarded at the time. In third grade I did better. I was in the top 5 and spelt acre "A-K-E-R." In fourth grade i misspelt a five letter word in the class bee. 5th grade I didnt even try. The person that won the class bee had 100+ words to study. Im a hard worker but if I have the choice Im lazy.

Life's Turning Points:Albert Einstein

When Albert was young and sick in bed his father gave him a compass. He wondered why it would point North forever and always floated. Albert pondered and thought for the answer. This was good because it started his floating thinking process. It made him want to learn more about physics. When Albert was 26 he theorized that atoms are constantly moving. He said that the knock around visible objects. In the same day he was the first person to figure out how to measure the size of atoms. His complex mathematical formula proved right and erased dought of atoms not being real. This was a breakthrough in science and altered his popularity. Also he understood more of lifes mysterys. Now is the famous E=Mc squared. It stands for "Energy= mass * velocity of light squared." In English it means that, Albert Einstein, created a weapon of mass destruction. A.K.A. the atomic bomb. He sent the blueprints to President Roosevelt in 1939. This changed his life because now people thought he was dangerous and deranged. At least he knew he helped.

Life's Turning Points:Me

When my parents got divorced is a turning point. It hasnt really affected me. But it did effect everyone else. My sister is pretty upset about it. Shes a Daddys girl, but im fine. Another event is when my great grandma died. She took us (me, mom and my sister) in when our parents got divorced. Grandma was a sweet girl but her cooking.... not so good. We lived with her for four years. When she died all of us were sad. It was a better and worse situation. The better part was her pain left. The bad part, I think you now that already. It changed our lives completely. Some of us still grieve.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Marriage and Family Life: Albert Einstein

Mileva was a scientist. Albert Einstein considered her an equal to himself. They had a good relationship until the wedding. Then it soured and she was left with their kids. His second wife [or should I say cousin] wasnt nice. Not much is about her but she was most likely a "make dinner leave me alone" wife. Alberts first wife was a good influence on him because she was an equal to him. His two wives were named Mileva and Elsa. He had three kids with Mileva. Their names were Lieserl, Hans and Eduard. Albert loved his kids and had a lot to do with them. The only thing he wouldnt do was personal life. He'd just go to his study to get away from it. Otherwise it was a positive relationship because he loved his kids. Albert ran a good life because mainly, he was a good man.

Marriage and Family Life:Me

I see myself working at a computer and maybe social. I want to be wealthy enough to just not be uptight and have fun. I dont know if I want a spouse. Ill update the site in 10 years. Stay tuned. If I do [which is very unlikely] she'll be smart enough to know what im talking about when im talking to her. I dont want her saying "wa" and "in english." I want to be an electronics technician. Mostly computers though. I dont want kids either. They can be annoying and loud. They also make stinkys. Im not coming home with them giving me a hug and saying "I made a poopie." I hope to get better aquainted with my family in the future. My potential family I hope to like them and have fun with them.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Younger Years: Albert Einstein

Albert was born in March 14 1879 and died April 18 1955. He finished all of his school. He was born in Ulm, Germany. Then he moved to Munich. After that he went to Milan. Then it was Aarau, Switzerland. Followed by Bern, Zurich, Prague, and Berlin, Germany. He went to the USA and toured China and Japan but went back to the good old US. His mother played the piano, loved her kids, and had a lot of patentice. Albert father laughed a lot and liked to surprise. Albert had to wives. One liked to do science and was nice. The other was his cousin and they married at like 50+ so he most likely used her to cook meals. Do I hear sexist? His sister was a normal sister that played with Albert. The rest of his family are normal nothing unique really. Albert was a weird slow thinker and grew up to be the smartest in his kin. His parents owned a small shop in Ulm and Munich. Both of his parents were there a lot. I think Alberts father was a big influence because he gave Albert a compass which started the Albert we know.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Younger Years:Me

My initials are DJH. My birth date is B.C. 100. Hahahaha. NOT!!! Well i was born in January. I was born at Whiteman Airforce Base,MO. Then I moved to San Antonio TX. When my parents got divorced we moved to Warrensburg,MO. After that we found a townhome in Belton. Every summer i go to my Dads place. He lives in Wichita Falls,TX. My mother works hard but doesnt make enough. She likes to play but can get competitive. My father is an airforce man you cant rely on sometimes and barely see. One of my grandpas doesnt really care about anyone. The other likes making things and is fun. One grandma of mine smokes but is otherwise normal. The other is a procrastinator that most people see once then go and hide. I have 3 aunts, 1 is rich and braggs about her children, the 2nd is normal, the third is a country girl with 5 kids. My uncles include a hunting man that is rough. The other is rich and a good father. IM the nutcase in the family and the person 20 or younger that lives for electronics. My mom is the person that lives with me. She works at Wal-Mart and Pathways. My dad works in the Airforce.